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Saturday, April 17, 2004


D-Day takes place in Norway, Canadians storm Juno Fjord

The Prime Minister of Canada shows himself to be a tad confused about WWII.

Prime Minister Paul Martin rewrote Canadian military history Wednesday as he described the great Canadian contribution to the liberation of Europe in 1944 as the invasion of Norway instead of Normandy.

"Sixty years ago, Canadians were working alongside their British and American allies planning for the invasion of Norway and the liberation of Europe," Martin said in an address to 350 soldiers at the CFB Gagetown training base outside Fredericton, N.B.

A few minutes later, he repeated the gaffe.

"Today, it is every bit as important that Canada step forward -- just as we did during the invasion of Norway," he said, prior to announcing a series of military spending initiatives that have been in the works for some time.


God rest the souls of the brave crew of the Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy ship.


Bull's-eye in Gaza

The White House declined to criticize Israel's missile strike assassination of a top Hamas leader Saturday, saying instead that Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorist attacks and urging Palestinians to use restraint in responding.

Hamas has selected this guy for the dangerous job of being their next top leader.


Here's an update on the Kosovo shootout


What the heck?

U.N. Police Die in Kosovo Prison Shootout

A shootout at a prison in Kosovo killed three international police officers, including two American women, and wounded 11 others, a U.N. spokesman said. At least five Americans were among the wounded, a doctor said.

Witnesses and international sources in the divided city of Kosovska Mitrovica told The Associated Press that the U.N. police officers started shooting at each other and that the shootout lasted for about 10 minutes. The information could not be immediately confirmed.

Four Jordanian police officers were arrested in connection with the incident, a NATO source told AP on condition of anonymity.

The UN OK-Corraling each other? Two of the three dead are American women, and four Jordanian UN guys are under arrest?

UPDATE: They were fighting about Iraq.

Three die in Kosovo police fight

Two Americans and a Jordanian have been killed after
violent emotions over Iraq boiled over into a shootout between members of the U.N. law enforcement mission in Kosovo.

U.N. police spokesman Neeraj Singh said three police officers -- two American and one Jordanian -- were killed and 11 others

Unconfirmed reports spoke of up to five dead and 14 wounded in a 10-minute exchange of fire on Saturday at the U.N. compound in
the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica -- usually the scene of peace-making interventions by U.N. police and NATO troops.

The deputy head of the Serb hospital in Mitrovica, Milan Ivanovic, said one of the dead was an American woman, hit along with four
female U.S. colleagues.

U.N. police sources said four Jordanian police officers had been arrested in connection with the shooting, but could give no further
details on the cause. Other police sources said it began with a row over Iraq followed by gunfire.

The fire-fight between fellow members of the U.N. force was unprecedented in five years of peacekeeping in Kosovo, where police
of some 30 nations make up the international force of around 3,500.

The force is backed by the NATO-led KFOR military mission numbering about 20,000 troops.

"What is official is that seven international police officers with serious injuries were received at the Serbian hospital in northern
Mitrovica," Ivanovic said.

"Six are American citizens, one is Austrian. Out of the seven, five are women, two are males. One American woman died soon after
she was admitted to the hospital," he added, giving the names of six victims.


Hamas sets them up, and Israel knocks them down.
Lots of turn-over in the Hamas corporate office these days.

The Islamic militant group Hamas vowed revenge for Israel's assassination of top leader Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi on Saturday and said it would not be deterred in its struggle to destroy the Jewish state.
Rantissi was killed by a missile strike on his car in the Gaza Strip, the powerbase of the Palestinian Islamic militant group where he had been the top official.

Friday, April 16, 2004




"...Bones would rain from the sky"

Pistol, a dog saved in Iraq by a Marine Sgt. David Donnelly, is shown in Westfield, N.Y., Friday, April 16, 2004, where he is up for adoption. The dog was saved by Donnelly in a combat zone and then reunited with his rescuer after a long journey to America but now finds himself homeless again, after the Marine was redeployed overseas. Due to the efforts of Donnelly and Marcy Christmas of Camarillo, Calif., about 200 people have inquired about the Canaan-mix since his arrival this week at Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue in western New York.

This reminded me of the puppy named Maco that Vietnam POW Captain Ed Davis brought back during Operation Homecoming.

I didn't know the details of this picture, but Wayne also told me this story. No one on the ground or in the aircraft had noticed the dog, but Wayne did so he asked about it. The man had zipped the dog into his diddy bag and somehow kept it quiet. It was just a stray that some of the Americans had befriended and made kind of a camp mascot.

The man told Wayne that on the morning of this departure, the men were awakened early and given very short notice to load onto the bus, their first "official" notice of release. He saw the prison cook trying to catch the dog, so there wasn't much doubt about its fate! He broke ranks and got into an argument with the cook about the dog. The guards rushed in and because the American refused to board the bus and leave the dog, they gave in - they knew about the publicity that was focused on this release. The American took the dog with him and got on the bus.


When I was in Saudi we used to joke around and say "Forget the Kuwaitis. Let's free the Saudi women!"

Dalek has the story on what happens when a Saudi woman gets a little too uppity.


While reading the news I came across a Fort Myers boy who's in the Marines and mixing it up over in Iraq. I thought I'd see what else I could find out about him. He's come a long ways from when he was representing the Fort Myers Track Club at the Edison Pageant of Light.

Khristopher Williams has been kickin' butt and takin' names.

Here he is in Kuwait in Feb. '03.

CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait - Cpl. Jeffery Pioszak, 22, from East Lansing, Mich., and Pfc. Khristopher Williams, 19, from Fort Myers, Fla., guard the entrance to the ammuntion resupply point in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Feb 4.

Click here for the cool high resolution photo.

Now he's in Fallujah as a sniper.

Lying on his stomach on a rooftop and wearing goggles and earplugs, a Marine sniper keeps an eye to his rifle sight. His main task in recent days has been trying to hit the black-garbed gunmen who occasionally dash across the long street in front of him. To dodge his shots, one of the gunmen recently launched into a rolling dive across the street, a move that had the sniper and his buddies laughing.

"I think I got him later. The same guy came back and tried to do a low crawl," said Lance Cpl. Khristopher Williams, 20, from Fort Myers, Fla.

This reinforces my theory that Lee County boys make the most awesome warriors.

The Psyops guys are there too, rockin' the Casbah with rock and roll and teaching their fellow Marines how to taunt in Arabic.

Go, all you jarheads. Complete your mission and come home safe.


I signed up on Bloghosts today. Thus begins my flight from Blogger and Blogspot.
Onwards and upwards.

Thursday, April 15, 2004



To select John Kerry's running mate, I checked three boxes: Southerner, Name Recognition, and Foreign Policy Experience. I got...Wesley Clark. Eeew.
There should be a box for "Not a Lunatic".


Forget it, Hillary. You're not rich enough to tempt him.

"Let them eat cake!"

Pony up the tax returns, Teresa. Nobody's going to put up with this nonsense.


For fellow Laura Bush fans

NPR has a wonderful interview with Laura on her project of restoring native plants, flowers, and grasses at the Crawford ranch. She's a lovely, articulate speaker, and her love and commitment to the natural ecology of Texas reminds me very much of Lady Bird Johnson.

(Via reader James.)


Chester Cheetah is suggesting to Marines they use a trail of the new "Twisted" Cheetos to lure the Cheetos-crazed Moqtada al-Sadr out of his hidey-hole. "Sadr hasn't tried these new ones. There's no way he'll be able to resist their twisted cheesiness," Chester said.


"Osama" still can't seem to scare up a camcorder.
A tape recording has been released wherein the supposed Osama offers a truce to Europe if they pull out of Muslim nations.
France is probably getting ready to surrender itself.


Sam of Hammorabi summarizes Wahabism and looks into his crystal ball:

The world is changing yet the Arabs are not! They try their best to prevent any changes in their neighbour country called Iraq but changes are coming to their own courtyard whether they accept or not!


What a brave man. I can see why Al-Jazeera doesn't want to air this tape. RIP Fabrizio Quattrocchi.

Italian hostage defied killers

The Italian hostage killed by kidnappers in Iraq was a defiant hero in his final moments, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini says.

The dead man was identified as Fabrizio Quattrocchi, 36, a security guard.

As the gunman's pistol was pointing at him the hostage "tried to take off his hood and shouted: 'now I'll show you how an Italian dies,'" he said.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


My take on Sadr? I'd say he's played the part of a damned scoundrel, and is a coward, and if he were any part of a man I would slap his jaws and force him to resent it.

Wait, that was NB Forrest to Braxton Bragg.


Omar of Iraq the Model's description of Moqtada al-Sadr's situation:

"(W)hen someone sh**s in his pants, every move he makes will make his mess worse".


Audrey Seiler faked her kidnapping to get her boyfriend's attention

Audrey, you should have just quit eating and left it at that.
The police are charging her for her crime.


The BostonIrish blog is now officially on a war-footing. Once we get done in Iraqistan and Afghanistan, Boston will opt for us to be heading on up to Kanukistan to MOAB the French-Canadian sportsfan, I should think.


Ace, a good sport, humored my request and made a top ten list for Andy Rooney. His Top Ten Signs Andy Rooney Is Going Senile include:

10. Says that he invented spicy Chinese chicken-and-broccoli dish; has filed an infringement lawsuit against famed military leader/cooking enthusiast General Tso.

8. Claims that he leaves on his car's left-turn indicator for weeks at a time "as an act of political dissent".

and my fave:

2. Last year's personalized Christmas cards featured a creepy picture of a bound-and-gagged woman with the strange inscription, "It puts the lotion in the basket-- Seasons Greetings from Andy".


The photo CAIR is so bent out of shape about.
I don't know any Marines that have a sense of humor, so my vote is for photoshopping.

Ah, here's the real photo.
(It's been updated now to add some preachifying.)

Too funny.

Now the Marine Corps has to investigate this nonsense.


Moqtada is dropping all conditions. D'oh!

Shiite Muslim radical leader Moqtada al-Sadr has agreed to drop all his conditions in negotiations with the US-led coalition and to follow the guidance of the highest Shiite religious authority, a close aide said.


Thank God it's Wednesday- time for a Duane Allman pic. Here's Duane at Fillmore East. Wail on, Skydog!


Iraq rebel cleric proposes deal with U.S

An Iraqi envoy appointed by Moqtada al-Sadr says the Shi'ite cleric has asked him to convey a set of peace proposals to U.S. officials.

Sadr's supporters have been rising up against the U.S.-led occupying forces in south and central Iraq.

"Sayyed Moqtada made positive proposals to end the crisis. I cannot disclose the details. He realises that an armed confrontation is not in anybody's interest," Abdelkarim al-Anzi told Reuters on Wednesday.

I guess a butt-load of Marines will give a bad guy second thoughts.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Unless you're an heiress...

Kerry doesn't build emotional bonds

Democrat John Kerry "doesn't warm anybody up," and organized labor must help him create an emotional bond if fence-sitting union members are to vote for him in November, according to focus groups of undecided union voters.

But these union members find President Bush likable and strong, "with a nice family and good moral values," said a memo of results prepared for the AFL-CIO and obtained by The Associated Press. The focus groups were conducted last month in St. Louis and Philadelphia by Lake Snell Perry & Associates, a Democratic firm.

The findings offer fresh evidence that Kerry's reputation for aloofness is a hurdle the presumptive Democratic nominee must overcome -- even among his party's core constituencies. And despite the acidity labor leaders direct toward Bush and his policies, he still appeals to a segment of union members, namely the Reagan Democrats.

Though very early in the race, the focus groups highlight the work facing organized labor as it tries to energize and mobilize voters on behalf of Kerry

John Kerry is:

a. Cold
b. Haughty
c. Aloof
d. Unelectable
e. All of the above

(The link in the Sun-Sentinel to this story disappeared. Hopefully it will come back.)


Don't you hate it when you're a county commisioner and you pass out in your car in a city park and your friend sneaks up and yanks your pants down and leaves, and then a cop comes by and wakes you up and then your worst political enemy finds out and gets on the horn to all the media?


I wonder if the mobile UN will be accountable for its funds? The real UN certainly isn't. How appropriate that it would roll through the country blowing smoke.

U.N. may be going on road

TAMPA - (AP) -- An investment banker is trying to raise $1.5 million to create a 53-foot mobile classroom to travel across the country and teach schoolchildren about the United Nations.

Malcolm Taaffe, 46, said he wants the United Nations Mobile Education Centre to be a tourist attraction that will also serve as an educational tool.

Taaffe, senior vice president of Morgan Stanley in Tampa, hopes to have the mobile classroom on the road by September. The U.N. Department of Public Information signed off on the project in January.

''A lot of people will never get the chance to see the United Nations and to learn about its mission,'' Taaffe said. ``I want to change that.''

Taaffe's idea for the truck came after a 1999 visit to U.N. headquarters in New York. Plans for the truck are still on the drawing board.

Inside, a theater that seats 30 will highlight the U.N.'s accomplishments and explain its charge. On the screen, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan will talk about peacekeeping in today's world.

Students will be given passports to move between kiosks detailing the different arms of the U.N, including the Security Council.

Recently, Taaffe applied for a patent on a machine that will blow a puff of smoke in the shape of a peace sign from atop the vehicle every five minutes.

The nonprofit U.N.-mobile will first visit cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Tampa. Admission will be free.

Taaffe said the U.N. has inspired him since he first visited it as a schoolboy.

''It just did something to me,'' he said. ``I was in awe.''

Monday, April 12, 2004


Looks like somebody let his perverse, senile, Depends-ridden, coot of a grandpa borrow the laptop again. Smack him with a slipper, Ace.

To some, soldiers can never be heroes, they can only be victims.
Those who have no honor themselves are incapable of seeing it in others.


Go take some more steroids, Barry.
Barry Bonds is a disgrace to the game of baseball.


Behold a thing of beauty

I get suspicious of a newspaper article, but Belmont Club goes Barnaby Jones on the thing.


Looks like those Purple Hearts are coming back to haunt John Kerry.
It's better to deserve an honor and not get it, then to get an honor you don't deserve. Seeking out honors you don't deserve is even worse.

(Via Lucianne.)

Sunday, April 11, 2004


Mr. Cracker can get me some of this.

At last! The smell of maritime disaster

Southampton liner Titanic will be resurrected at a science festival today.

An audience at the Edinburgh International Science Festival will be among the first members of the public to smell the perfume, which was found near the wreck of the liner in 2000.

It was recreated by perfumers who established a "fingerprint" of the chemical composition of the Titanic perfume, then found an exact match for the fragrance.

(Via contributor James.)


I want to give y'all this site while I'm thinking about it. It's a site that tracks hate crime hoaxes. Not all of its links are still good, but most are. It's an admirable effort.

Many of these hoaxsters are tripped up in the end by insurance investigators.


Sometimes you just have to laugh.

This journalist is 'captured' by the bad guys, treated wonderfully well, told to tell the truth, then released. Right.

Lots of pregnant women in this story. It's a nice touch. The author overdid it, though. It was these descriptions that set my alarms off. There's not a hale and hearty woman in the bunch.


The highway out of Fallujah was filled with fleeing families. The elderly, children and pregnant women clung to ancient cars and battered lorries, piled high with belongings. Refugees wandered along, dazed and caked in dust.


At 6pm, my driver and I pulled off the main road in our battered Toyota and spotted a heavily pregnant woman, her husband and mother struggling with baggage. The 19-year-old woman had been walking since 8am. Dehydrated and exhausted, she weaved slowly behind her husband and, when we offered a lift, almost fell into the car.

I think there are plenty of Jack Kelley's out there.


A good article from Naval Institute Proceedings:

Why Are Victims Our Only War Heroes?

We are at war. Our enemy, the terrorist, knows he cannot win militarily, certainly not in terms of manpower or weaponry, so he somehow must get us to back down—wear us down and diminish our resolve. He hopes to do that through images and perceptions. The ultimate battle of the global war on terrorism will be fought in the hearts and minds of Americans.

We must make a concerted, deliberate effort to counterbalance the terrorists’ tactic. Thus far, we have overlooked perhaps the most important image in our arsenal, that of the hero in war, and of his or her determination. It is an image we have failed to present adequately in our prosecution of this war. In earlier times, the American public could recite names such as Boatswain’s Mate Reuben James, Lieutenant William Cushing, Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, Sergeant Alvin York, Mess Attendant Dorie Miller, and Sergeant Audie Murphy as easily as they could their own home addresses. The individual heroes of the armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, however, generally are unknown. Deluged by lengthy, detailed stories of the extreme efforts taken by terrorists, we have heard little of the extreme efforts taken by members of the U.S. armed forces.

We help our enemies by default, by allowing lesser images to be presented as substitutes. Everyone knows the name Jessica Lynch. She wore her country’s uniform, went willingly to her duty in Iraq, and suffered grievous injuries, but does she qualify to be known first among those who served in this war? We have brushed aside battlefield resolution and action—which should be foremost—and allowed the image of victimization and suffering to take its place.

There were victim-heroes pre-Korea, but there were also tons on non-victim heroes. Post-WWII, I can't name any of that type.

They left off my favorite hero from WWI - Eddie Rickenbacker. If you ever get a chance to read a biography about him, do it. He was awesome his whole life. Although I understand that when he was lost at sea in the Pacific in WWII, his boatmates wanted to eat him. Maybe a little Eddie went a long way.

Nonetheless, if I had a time machine, I'd beam back to WWI to visit Eddie.


Happy Easter!


Interesting rumors that those Japanese hostages are pulling a stunt

From Zeyad:

There have been rumours on the Internet that the three Japanese hostages faked the video that was displayed two days ago with the help of Iraqis in an attempt to pressure the Japanese government in withdrawing their troops. All three of them are anti-war activists. Noriaki Imai was in Iraq researching the effect of Depleted Uranium on Iraqis. Nahoka Takato works with an NGO helping Iraqi children orphaned from the war, and Soichiru Koriyama is a freelance journalist who has been in the Palestinian occupied territories recently. I find it hard to believe they would go this far. The fear and horror in their eyes was very evident in the video, if it is a hoax then they certainly have a promising future in Hollywood.

More over at this FR thread.

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