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Saturday, April 10, 2004


America is finger lickin' good.


Don't You Know Who I Am?

Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and his entourage got their luggage searched at Miami International. The Prince had multiple hissy fits and made himself a royal pain in the ass. The entourage had hissy fits. His girlfriend chose to hold her pee rather than get her purse re-searched. Iberia Airlines is threatening to pull out of MIA. All in all, they objected strenuously to their being thrust into the real world. Tough noogies.

The funniest part:

"We're your allies!", one member of the entourage shouted.

They showed up without the required-by-law State Department or Secret Service escort, so their stuff got searched.

No tickee, no laundry.

(Herald login=floridacracker61@yahoo.com. Pswd=cracker.)

Friday, April 09, 2004


Nobody likes a smart-ass Guess the Dictator and/or Sit-Com Character game

I win again! You are player number 1440 to have chosen June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. I knew you were June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver from the start, but I strung you along for a while to make it seem more sporting. I hope that one day you will overcome the powerful sense of humiliation that you now feel. Until then, good luck.


God gave you your very own brain. It's not one brain for every ten people.

Here's a good page that shows the basic criteria for judging the reliability of sources.
Whether you're reading a book, newspaper, or blog; whether you're watching the news on TV or listening to someone give a lecture, think about reliability of sources and ask yourself what expert knowledge the person has to opine on a topic and why you should believe him.


Iraqi Governing Council demands pony rides, cotton candy for Fallujah

Several of the council's 25 members spoke out against what they called the "mass punishment" of Fallujah's people in the siege, launched early Monday by U.S. forces to uproot Sunni insurgents in the city.

Oh, you haven't seen mass punishment, babycakes. We could have totally f'ed that city up if we'd have wanted to.


Now this did make me smile. It's the only time I've enjoyed a New York Times front page that I can think of.


Jesse Lee Peterson sent in a letter to the U.S. House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct calling for a probe of the activities of the Congressional Black Caucus in regards to Aristide.
I'd like that to, but I doubt it will happen. Good that Jesse's giving it the old college try, though.

Among the points in his letter:

"Within the past seven weeks, Rep. Waters has made several trips to Haiti. She even accompanied Mr. Aristide to Jamaica on Monday (3/15/04) – against the advice of the White House. We’d like to know by what authority does a United States congresswoman chaperone a deposed foreign dictator?"

By nobody's authority but her own. She's a Grand Ayatollah and gets to make her own rules.


I looked at the Peeps research page and I looked at the Readability Info page. I'm so jaded, surgery to separate quintuplet Peeps doesn't make me crack a smile. Or maybe their gag was just lame.
The Readability Info page will analyze your writing (or blog) on a number of different reading scales. An 8 or 9 or the FOG index is supposed to be ideal. You can compare your writing to others', and it's interesting to see where you fit in.


Intelligence, strength, integrity, and class.

There's a terrific gathering of reactions to her testimony over at CS Monitor.


Yeah! Babies everywhere!

Cool commercial. Go watch it. You'll feel great!

(Via Dean's World.)

Thursday, April 08, 2004


A woman for whom I have nothing but admiration. If she ever runs for President, she has my vote.


Someone who refused to be a professional widow:

Someone who's still milking it:


To the wives of 9-11 victims for which this might apply:

Nobody likes a professional widow. You get a year and after that you're just milking it. You are not in control of public opinion and you are not in control of the government. The crowd isn't going to part like the Red Sea when you walk through. Some of you are doing a bad Yoko Ono impersonation out there. Try your schtick in Oklahoma City and see how well it goes over.
Most women become widows. You are no more important than any other widow out there, so get over yourselves.

Explain to me why they allowed there to be a peanut gallery at these proceedings.


Michelle Malkin does a riff on Tawana Brawley, who is now "Maryam Mohammad", and Kerri Dunn.

This vicious strain of Tawana Brawleyism is alive and well on college campuses. In these educational temples of the perpetually aggrieved, rationality and truth have been recklessly sacrificed at the altar of diversity.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Some interesting analysis from John Galt, who is a military expert and is currently in Iraq.
Sorry, the analysis of a computer programmer sitting in Dubuque or wherever, just doesn't do anything for me.


Thank you to the Iraqis who helped our boys after Sunday's ambush.

(Via Iraq the Model.)


Ays of Iraq at a Glance discussing Muqtada's group:

I’m afraid the world will say that Iraqis don’t deserve the liberation because of those people..

It's already being said, Ays.


The best part of the week: Duane Allman time. Here's Duane fishing.
Wail on, Skydog!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


I hear things aren't going too well over at Err America.
Al, would you quit crushing the little guy under your heel for just five minutes?

At this rate, I wonder just how long Despair America is destined to stay on the radio.

(All derisive nicknames courtesy of contributor James.)


Firas of Iraq and Iraqis doesn't seem to think the sky is falling. Of course, he's just a stockbroker, not a military genius like so many other bloggers.

O'Reilly was doing a pretty good Chicken Little impersonation last night. He's already decided that the Iraqis aren't worth it. That's a shame, as he has a lot of influence on people. I had images of Margaret Thatcher leaping up on his desk like a big leopard seal and chomping him down head first.


My dog has rolled in some pretty hideous stuff, but thank God she's never rolled in this video over at Ace's.


Which nickname should I use for Ted Kennedy?
I like Lucianne's "Great White Whale", but I also really like Michael's "Jabba the Drunk (D-MA)". Each nick is special in its own way. It's a toughie.


This is great news!

For far too long have the Chinese gone without hot-to-go burritos and Slim Jims. Plus they'll now be able to get that last-minute gift of motor oil for the wife's birthday.


The Devil will knock you down then kick you for falling

Kurt Cobain was one disturbed guy. Anything that was good or positive, he thought was crap. Like Mikey, he hated everything. As a guitarist, he was a joke. Just like in the Cheech and Chong song, he only knew three chords. Please don't try to tell me he's a legendary vocalist or songwriter.
If he would have managed to clean himself up, he would be nothing today. The smartasses in the media would say he's like a clerk at Costco, or something along those lines. So now he's a legendary what, exactly?

A legendary junkie who blew his brains out. A legendary object lesson.

Monday, April 05, 2004


Teddy K can't keep his pants on or his mouth shut. These are not attractive features in a man.
It makes me smile when he says "We need a new President", because I know and he knows that it can never be him.

You're a screw-up, Ted.

Boston Irish weighs in. (Scroll down.)


Operation Vigilant Resolve has commenced. Do your stuff, Jarheads and ICD. They took names and now they're gonna kick butt.


Vin Diesel pops up in the strangest places.


The professor's past is a puzzle

Kerri Dunn taught criminal justice but she was a shoplifter. While earning a PhD in psychology, she was ordered into counseling for stealing

Dunn, 39, was a hero to many students at Claremont McKenna College, lifting her voice for the oppressed. Then she became the professor who may have betrayed them.

She railed against hate crimes. Now she is suspected of staging one.

Dunn — a Catholic converting to Judaism — prided herself on being passionate and outspoken. But court records and interviews with colleagues, students, friends and police reveal a woman of contradiction and secrets.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


Some movies crack me up no matter how many times I see them.


It's got to suck for the Salvadoran soldiers under Spanish command. Spain is running and the dogs are chasing.
If I were the Salvadorans, I'd ask to be put with a different country.


Woo hoo! I get to be the Nancy Sinatra link over at Paul Anka's place. Mr. Anka knows
to watch his filthy mouth around me, because I'm a lady. Plus, he's scared of my daddy.


In the marketplace of ideas, nobody wants to buy the gumwrappers at the bottom of your purse

A few years ago Rose Weitz's new book about the sociological significance of women's hairstyles might have been hailed as an important contribution to feminist theory.

Instead, the book by one of America's leading professors of women's studies has fallen victim to a rising tide of popular disdain for what one critic described as self-important feminist "psychobabble".

In a rare breakdown of the political correctness that routinely protects women's issues from critical scrutiny, Weitz has received brutal reviews for her book Rapunzel's Daughters — What Women's Hair Tells Us About Women's Lives.

Give it up, ladies. This crap is old and tired. Your ideas have been rejected by most women and the guys are catching on to it.

The attacks on Weitz and Wolf have coincided with the emergence of an aggressive breed of conservative feminists who are determined to counter what one of them called "Ms information" — the notion that everything should be blamed on men. "Feminism in this country has become a parody of itself," said Christina Hoff Sommers, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

Yes, it has. Now go have a birthday party for your vagina, or whatever it is you do.


You'll never get me in any Atlantic Tunnel. No, sir.
I won't go hurtling across the ocean floor for no damn body.

Somebody put a lot of effort in that site, so go enjoy it.


Write this 100 times:
Aznar was not running for office.

Meanwhile, terrorists of the world, ignite!
God bless the Spanish policeman, Javier Torrontera, who died fighting these evil men.


I'm glad some people in Canada are worried about terrorism.
Wakey, wakey. You're on their list.


Cute chick, huh?
Sat down and wrote the Great American Novel too.
I could do the same if I had any talent.


Well, lookie here. This is the first news that made me smile all day.
I'm heartened to see that John Kerry's people have the decency to tell a hate-filled supporter to take a hike.

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