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Saturday, February 28, 2004


Even on National Pinko Radio today they had a guy on talking about how Kerry betrayed the men. Edwards should hang in there. It might pay off.

US Vets, Vietnamese demonstrate against Kerry

Around 200 U.S. Army veterans and Vietnamese people demonstrated outside Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry's New York headquarters on Saturday to protest his opposition decades ago to the Vietnam War.

Waving American and South Vietnamese flags and singing the U.S. national anthem, they held up signs saying "Hanoi John," and "Kerry Betrayed Vietnam Vets."

"We won't sit by and let the American people think that we are going to stand by somebody who stabbed us in the back," said Jerry Kiley, a veteran and one of the protest organizers.


An Arab can appreciate democracy no more than an ape can appreciate a diamond.
So says this UPI article.

Sorry Zeyad, Firas, Sam, Omar, Ays, Mohammed, and all you other Iraqi bloggers. No democracy for you.


One more Naomi Wolf article, just because they're fun.

There is no shortage of cause for righteous feminist outrage in the world: child prostitution in South Asia, women being stoned to death under sharia law in Africa.

Were Wolf to bother looking, she would no doubt find a fair portion of genuine female oppression in her own home town of Washington DC. Instead, she has chosen to expend her considerable clout detailing the terror she suffered two decades ago, when a man touched her thigh.

Perhaps the professor had it right, after all: that Wolf is "deeply troubled" may be the kindest conclusion one can draw from her freakish self-absorption.


The Independent speculates as to what Naomi Wolf is up to with her attack on Harold Bloom.

(Via Lucianne.)

Friday, February 27, 2004


I'm going to be rooting for all these guys. They can compete with all their heart and with no fear. Odai is gone and nobody misses him.

Iraq to compete in Olympics

"It's a great moment for the Iraqi athletes and Iraqi people," said Ahmed al-Sammarai, the Iraqi committee's chief. "This helps to prove the Iraqis can rule themselves. Just give them the chance."

"We are starting from zero," he said. "This is the first step. It's a hard job but we will do our best to prepare in the short period before the games."

Al-Sammarai, elected on Jan. 29, is a former general and athlete who returned to Iraq last year after 20 years in exile.

As many as two dozen Iraqi athletes are expected to compete at the Athens Games in wrestling, track and field, swimming, boxing, weightlifting and taekwondo. The Iraqi soccer team is also attempting to qualify.

The reinstatement of Iraq brings the number of national Olympic committees recognized by the IOC to a record 202.

The IOC and a number of countries are helping to fund, train and outfit the Iraqis. Four Iraqi wrestlers have been invited to train at a U.S. Olympic Committee facility in Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Most of our athletes that have a chance to be in Athens will train outside," said Tiras Odisho, the committee's director general.

The former Iraqi committee had been headed by Saddam's son Odai, who reportedly jailed and tortured athletes who fell out of his favor. Odai was killed in a shootout with U.S. troops in July.

Al-Sammarai said women feared abuse from Odai and did not compete in sports.

"Now we encourage the families and we are starting organizing women's sports through the federations," al-Sammarai said.

Female coaches will be trained in hopes of gathering more women athletes. In Athens at least one woman will participate in track and field.

The minimum budget presented to the Coalition Provisional Authority was $25 million, but "money in cash is not important. What is important is for our friends to sit down and help us," Odisho said.



John Zuccarini has learned the high price of misspelling Disneyland.

The Internet ''mouse-trapper,'' who registered websites like www.dinseyland.com and www.teltubbies.com and redirected unsuspecting children and others to porn, was sentenced Thursday to 30 months in federal prison by a judge in Manhattan, where the investigation originated.
Zuccarini admitted in court documents that one reason he preyed on websites popular among children was ''because children are more likely than adults to make spelling errors and to mis-type website addresses,'' prosecutors said.


Mohammed of Iraq the Model has a terrific post on how democracy in Iraq is making the neighboring despots quake in their boots.

I wish you were here with me in Iraq to see the real change in people’s thinking and more exciting is how fast this change is taking place. They’re talking now about the future, about building, about hope. The old, sick regime has become history, and we should quickly get rid of its residues to catch up with the advanced, free world.
It’s become clear to everyone what bad role these dictatorships are playing to delay and interrupt the change here. Having their countries infected with democracy is their worst nightmare, and they’ll never save an effort to delay that infection, just to delay it, and nothing more.
They know well that the (story) is not over yet, and there’s still a missing chapter until all people are freed from tyranny, oppression and blind fanaticism.
They do not want their oppressed people to see a bright model in Iraq. That’s what they fear.
This model must be disfigured, and let the media work hard to report every single tiny mistake in this experiment and forget about all the good results that were achieved.
The neighboring nations’ people should prefer to stay under the whip of their jailors and must not look forward to something like what Iraq is becoming.
That’s what those dictators are saying to their people “look, do you see what happened to Iraqis after their leadership was toppled? Do you wish the same for yourselves?…..so be satisfied with your existing leadership. We’re the best you can have”.
It’s just a matter of time until it becomes clear to everyone that what happened in Iraq was for the good of the whole world, not only for Iraqis. The case here is not a pink dream. It is a conviction that the right, the fair and the logical will win in the end.
I salute all the brave men and women who took upon themselves to bear all the risks and stand at the frontline to defend freedom.


If I weren't already married, I'd want Cracker Barrel Philosopher to marry me. We'd be Mr. and Mrs. Florida Cracker Barrel Philosopher. I'd bake him apple pies, steal his ideas, and keep the books for him over at the Country Store.


Instapundit's on the late show. By two weeks. Heh.


Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

I love it when Teresa Heinz Kerry talks. Every time she opens her mouth she hurts her husband's chances of being elected.


So Rep. Corrine Brown gives one of those apologies that isn't really an apology for her tirade. That's when you say the same thing you said before, but this time you add why what you said is, in fact, true and you throw in your emotional state at the time you first said it. So, in righteous anger, she was just saying the God's honest truth, but did not mean that truth to offend anyone. She's also sorry if saying that the president's representatives are racist white men who all look alike can be construed as a personal affront to Noriega.

First off, Corrine Brown, like Maxine Walters, gives women in politics a bad name. It's unacceptable in the workplace to say you are unaccountable for your words or actions because of emotion. There are thousands of issues that provoke emotion. Business is business. Brown needs to get a grip and conduct herself like a professional.

Secondly, I haven't seen any apology from Noriega. He doesn't want to be "branded" as white. You can only be branded as something bad- someone's branded a coward, or a traitor. I want Noriega to explain why being white is bad. I couldn't care less if he's Republican. That doesn't give him a pass.

As far as I'm concerned, both of them should be branded as racist.

Thursday, February 26, 2004


I really feel for this guy. He lost his wife and children due to this air traffic controller's error. "Sorry" doesn't cut it when your family's dead.
Frankly, I don't see how this type of thing doesn't happen more often. For instance, a drunk driver kills your kid and serves his time and that's it? You don't wait until he gets out of prison and then run your car over him fifty or sixty times? I don't get it.


Brown and Noriega

He's no better than she is. They both should resign. Their meeting of the minds was in their hatred of whites.

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown verbally attacked a top Bush administration official during a briefing on the Haiti crisis Wednesday, calling the President's policy on the beleaguered nation "racist" and his representatives "a bunch of white men."

Her outburst was directed at Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega during a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill. Noriega, a Mexican-American, is the State Department's top official for Latin America.

"I think it was an emotional response of her frustration with the administration," said David Simon, a spokesman for the Jacksonville Democrat. He noted that Brown, who is black, is "very passionate about Haiti."

Brown sat directly across the table from Noriega and yelled into a microphone. Her comments sent a hush over the hourlong meeting, which was attended by about 30 people, including several members of Congress and Bush administration officials.

Noriega later told Brown: "As a Mexican-American, I deeply resent being called a racist and branded a white man," according to three participants.

Brown then told him "you all look alike to me," the participants said.


Bartman today
Four months later, Cubs fan trying to lead a normal life
It hasn't been easy for this guy being the human embodiment of the Curse of the Goat, but he's got some character.

"And these Cub fans learned a lesson
‘Bout messin’ with the goat of an angry Greek."


He's just a tiny bit hypocritical.

'Benedict Arnolds' aided Kerry coffers

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, frequently calls companies and chief executives "Benedict Arnolds" if they move jobs and operations overseas to avoid paying US taxes

But Kerry has accepted money and fund-raising assistance from top executives at companies that fit the candidate's description of a notorious traitor.

Executives and employees at such companies have contributed more than $140,000 to Kerry's presidential campaign, a review of his donor records show. Additionally, two of Kerry's biggest fund-raisers, who together have raised more than $400,000 for the candidate, are top executives at investment firms that helped set up companies in the world's best-known offshore tax havens, federal records show. Kerry has raised nearly $30 million overall for his White House run.

Kerry has taken aim at "Benedict Arnold" companies as part of a much broader political and policy debate over stemming the flow of well-paying US jobs overseas, a chief cause of unemployment, especially in the hardest-hit manufacturing sector. Kerry's solution, detailed in a speech yesterday in Toledo, Ohio, is to enforce trade agreements, track and slow the outsourcing of US jobs, and stop providing government contracts and tax incentives to companies that move operations or jobs offshore.

Kerry has come under attack from President Bush, as well as some Democrats, for criticizing laws he voted for and lambasting special interests after accepting more money from paid lobbyists than any other senator over the past 15 years. Some Democrats worry that Kerry is opening himself for similar attacks on the latest issue.

(Via Lucianne.com)

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


O, Canada. Move out of your mom's basement and get a job.

Canada's military forces almost bankrupt

The military sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the reports foresee a situation so dire that they recommend curtailing operations, dry-docking ships and mothballing vehicles or aircraft and closing at least four Canadian Forces bases.

Unless additional funding is awarded by the government, the air force is suggesting closing bases at Goose Bay, Nfld., Bagotville, Que., North Bay and Winnipeg, the sources said.

Further, the air force report says that unless its fleet of ageing CC-130 Hercules transport planes is replaced or modernized, the main transport base at Trenton should be closed within 10 years. "There won't be enough Hercs flying by then to justify keeping that base open," one air force source said.

The navy predicts it will not be able to live up to treaty obligations to NATO and other alliances and cannot carry out enough patrols of Canadian waters to comply with agreements with other government departments such as Immigration Canada or Fisheries and Oceans.

"We will not be able to meet our domestic defence obligations," one naval officer said.

The army is said to be in the worst financial state of all three branches of the Canadian Forces. "Everyone knows that the army's broke and has been for a couple of years," said one military source familiar with the reports.

Colonel Howard Marsh, a former senior army staff officer now working as an analyst for the Conference of Defence Associations, said he was not surprised by the size of the shortfall.

"This is a look forward ... at what they need in order to keep the army going," he said. "Nobody has ever seen a bankrupt military in a developed country.... This year I predict we will see that in Canada."

Col. Marsh said the military is saddled with ageing bases and increasingly dilapidated buildings that are fast reaching the point of collapse. "What they've been doing, year in and year out ... is not replace or repair those buildings, or buy new equipment," he said.

"The average age of the equipment in the Canadian Forces is over 20 years and it hasn't been well-maintained."

The Liberal government reduced defence spending by 23% and cut the number of regular military personnel to approximately 60,000 from 80,000 between 1993 and 2000. There were 120,000 people in the Canadian military in 1958.

(Thanks, James.)


When Salk developed the polio vaccine, we flew a batch of it over to the Soviet Union, our worst enemy, as a gift. Even though those people despised us, they had enough common sense to use the vaccine. These people, however, don't have the sense that God gave a goat. It's sad that there will be kids dragging themselves around in the dust because of these ignorant fools.


The repercussions of binge-drinking: a lesson in pictures from the Daily Diatribe.


Time for the Wednesday Duane Allman pic. Wail on, Skydog!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Like Andrew Sullivan, the Ace of Spades is getting letters from 'Republicans' outraged that President Bush would back the FMA.


Oh, boy! Al Sharpton is going to Haiti to settle the conflict. This oughta be good. Go get yourself some popcorn and have a read.


Lena Horne was always a classy lady. She never had to show her titty to get attention. She just opened her mouth and sang. I'm not surprised she doesn't want Janet Jackson portraying her.
Here's a great pic of Lena with the white-hatted dudes. Lovely, lovely.

JANET JACKSON FALLOUT: Singer Lena Horne, reportedly angry about Janet Jackson's breast-baring stunt at the Super Bowl, has pressured ABC to find someone other than Jackson to play Horne in a planned television movie, "Stormy Weather," the trade newspaper Variety reports.

Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron quit the project in solidarity with Jackson, Variety added.

ABC executives resisted Horne's demand, but Jackson representatives told the newspaper that she left willingly after Horne and her daughter, Gail Lumet Buckley, asked that she not take part. The network wouldn't comment.


A nice article on Florida boy SSG Dustin Tuller. Despite being at death's door time and again, Dustin pulled through and they held his retirement ceremony today.

Army officials expedited his medical retirement when doctors feared he wouldn't survive his injuries. "I was in a coma when I got my retirement papers," Tuller said. "I wanted to have a retirement ceremony because I've been in the Army for 10 years. I always wanted to be a soldier.

"If they hadn't retired me, I'd still wear the uniform, even with no legs."


Tuller's prognosis had been so grim, Army officials decided to retire him from military service in a procedure called "imminent death processing." This can be applied when a soldier is expected to die within 72 hours from a medical condition incurred or aggravated in the line of duty.

(Thanks, Cindy.)




Damn. This is really messed up. A blind woman kills her old mama with a pitchfork then cuts her head off.

Acting on a tip that Church had talked about killing her mother, officers went to the apartment Friday, where Church initially denied them entry, then opened a window to say "the queen was sleeping and she will be sleeping for a long time," police said.


Those dastardly Freepers are up to no good again with their new Winter Soldier section. This thing needs its own website as it's bound to be a hit.
(Thanks to lucianne.com)


Major returning to Iraq--to join his son

A 20-year-career military man makes a major sacrifice. He volunteers to return to Iraq to be near his only son, a Marine who is headed there today.

Monday, February 23, 2004


It looks photoshopped, I know, but it's not.
He just looks that weird. Like a human bobblehead doll.


John Kerry Ain't My Brother

Those of us who went to Vietnam quickly discovered that you learn from the other guy's mistakes; that, or die - and someone will be learning from your mistakes.

I keep waiting to see what John Kerry learned, and it seems the only thing is how to get re-elected.


Having read the five page essay wherein fragile flower feminist Naomi Wolf details the trauma she endured at having a professor put his hand on her thigh, I've decided to cheer her up with a gift.


Welcome to the Jungle

Tamarac movie theater sued for not hiring security to control unruly retirees

The signs on the box office window of the Tamarac Cinema 5 implored customers not to bang on the glass or make crude comments to employees about ticket prices.

The discount movie theater's manager has described its patrons as the worst she's ever dealt with, saying their filthy remarks leave employees in tears.

But the offending moviegoers aren't the teenagers typically found milling outside theaters across the country. They are senior citizens from the retirement communities surrounding the theater on McNab Road. That volatile combination of retirees and unruly behavior recently thrust the theater into the middle of a nationally televised manslaughter case.


Some good commentary from CK Rairden. It's hard not to quote the whole thing, he sums it up so nicely.

John Kerry: From "Bring it on" to Victim

“Now, George Bush and Karl Rove say that they intend to make national security the central issue of this campaign. Well, I know something about aircraft carriers for real. And if George Bush wants to make national security the central issue of this campaign, we have three words for him we know he understands: Bring it on!” - John Kerry, 2004 on the stump.

In an almost surreal moment leading democratic presidential contender John F. Kerry seemed legitimately shocked and outraged that the Bush campaign did exactly what they said they would do. Begin to make national security a central issue of this 2004 presidential campaign. At Kerry’s “bring it on” invitation the Bush camp began pointing out his historically poor voting record in the Senate on matters of defense and national security over the weekend.

With what will likely be one of the lightest volleys Kerry will face on his voting record for the next eight months Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss first acknowledged Kerry’s Viet Nam service in a conference call to reporters. Chambliss then commented on Kerry’s voting record on military issues by pointing out, “[Kerry] has a long history, particularly in the last decade, of not only voting to cut intelligence spending, but introducing bills to cut intelligence spending.”

Kerry immediately cried foul.

Predictably, Kerry played the patriotism card complaining he was a victim and that the Bush political team was challenging his patriotism by pointing out his voting record. So much so that he drafted a letter, handed copies out to the press and then sent it off to President George W. Bush challenging him to a debate on the Viet Nam War.



In this failing Afro-centric charter school, the students can't pass a reading or math test, but they have lots of self-esteem and that's important.

Sunday, February 22, 2004


Happy Birthday to George Washington. He had everything to lose, but put it all on the line anyways.
Also, thanks to his mom for forbidding him to join the Royal Navy.
And Happy Birthday to my dad, who picked his own birthday and chose George Washington's.


In my hometown we have a parade every year in honor of Thomas Edison, called the Edison Pageant of Light. Here's some pics from this year's wingding.

The cloggers. I took clogging as a kid. Nice to see it's still around.

Moon over Edisonia

Lots more pics here.


What a crybaby

Kerry wrote a letter of complaint to President Bush. Now that is just wienified. Time to grow up and mature like a good wine, John. Remember what Mr. Truman said about heat and kitchens? There's no crying in Presidential races. Ask Ed Muskie.

In the letter to Bush Saturday, Kerry wrote: "As you well know, Vietnam was a very difficult and painful period in our nation's history, and the struggle for our veterans continues. So, it has been hard to believe that you would choose to reopen these wounds for your personal political gain. But, that is what you have chosen to do."

Kerry has used Vietnam for his personal political gain at every turn and now it's going to turn around and bite him. Not fair!


Well, goodness gracious. John Kerry has the Boston Globe climbing up his Vietnam butt

VIETNAM has been the defining issue for John Kerry. His status as a decorated war hero has helped to propel him to the front of the pack of Democrat candidates seeking to evict George W.Bush from the White House. Conservative critics believe he has been given a free ride for too long on his war record, however, and are planning a fightback.

Support for their case is expected to come from a book to be published next month by reporters from The Boston Globe in Kerry's home state of Massachusetts. The book, JF Kerry, the Complete Biography, will question the extent of his injuries in Vietnam and whether he was entitled to an early release from the war.

Vietnam, The Washington Post opined at the weekend, "is a double-edged issue" for the 60-year-old Democratic frontrunner. Kerry has not authorised the release of his war records - a strange omission, say his political foes, given the ferocity with which his supporters have demanded to see every last document of Bush's military service in the Texas Air National Guard.

"Vietnam is such a crucial part of his background and his campaign, you would think he would want people to see them," said Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, a conservative journal. "There is going to be pressure on him to release them."

Yeah, buddy, let's have a look at those records.


Hillary paid us a visit. She's all about John Kerry now. Sorry that Clark thing didn't work out, Hill.


Did y'all know that John Kerry is like a good wine that takes time to mature, but then it gets really good and you can sip it?
He sounds lip-smackin' good, Teresa. Get on the TV and talk. Folks want to hear from a maybe future First Lady.


Over my dead body, Arnold. I could kick the snot out of Orrin Hatch for even thinking such a thing.

The Republican governor said anyone who has been in America more than 20 years -- as he has -- should "absolutely" be able to seek the presidency. A constitutional amendment proposed by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, would make that possible.


Now that you mention it...

The purpose of my remarks tonight is to focus your attention on this little group of men who not only enjoy a right of instant rebuttal to every Presidential address, but, more importantly, wield a free hand in selecting, presenting, and interpreting the great issues in our nation. First, let’s define that power.

At least 40 million Americans every night, it’s estimated, watch the network news. Seven million of them view A.B.C., the remainder being divided between N.B.C. and C.B.S. According to Harris polls and other studies, for millions of Americans the networks are the sole source of national and world news. In Will Roger’s observation, what you knew was what you read in the newspaper. Today for growing millions of Americans, it’s what they see and hear on their television sets.

Now how is this network news determined? A small group of men, numbering perhaps no more than a dozen anchormen, commentators, and executive producers, settle upon the 20 minutes or so of film and commentary that’s to reach the public. This selection is made from the 90 to 180 minutes that may be available. Their powers of choice are broad.

They decide what 40 to 50 million Americans will learn of the day’s events in the nation and in the world. We cannot measure this power and influence by the traditional democratic standards, for these men can create national issues overnight. They can make or break by their coverage and commentary a moratorium on the war. They can elevate men from obscurity to national prominence within a week. They can reward some politicians with national exposure and ignore others.


The Sun-Sentinel does an in-depth report on the lives of Carlie Brucia and Joseph P. Smith.

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