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Saturday, February 21, 2004


Mr. Cracker doesn't understand why I find death row last meals funny. I told him he's not Florida Cracker material. Dang liberal.


I'm glad the Sunday Express knows where Osama is. I think he's a smear on a wall in a cave in Tora Bora, myself.
When I was a kid, because we didn't have his body, some people thought Hitler was living in Argentina. There was even a bumpersticker for it.

No body= living in Argentina, Iran, wherever. The only time there's no speculation is when they're hung up on meathooks.


Spot Bush- the only second-generation Presidential pet.
Born and died in the White House. A good dog.

Friday, February 20, 2004


Finally, Governor Arnie makes a move. 'Bout damn time.


I love Dead Man Eating's audio entries for death row prisoners' last meals. They just crack me up.


Sassy of Coffee I.V. showed me this cool website, but it's taking forever to load.


Joseph P. Smith has been indicted. Carlie Brucia died of ligature strangulation, and as we all presumed, was sexually assaulted.
I wish I could send him to the Husseins and let them work their special brand of magic on him. A plastic shredder is looking pretty good right now.


I've noticed people starting to bag on Mel Gibson because his dad's an idiot. Good idea. Let's all judge each other by our fathers. I know I'll make out quite well, but some of y'all won't come off so good. Tough luck.


Ralph "Dog in the Manger" Nader will enter the race.

"He's felt there is a role for an independent candidate to play."

Why, yes, there is.


Kerry's past to star in Bush's ads

"The beauty of John Kerry is 32 years of votes and public pronouncements," said Mark McKinnon, the chief media adviser. McKinnon suggested a possible tag line: "He's been wrong for 32 years, he's wrong now."

Good. Staple Jane Fonda to his ass.

Thursday, February 19, 2004


Why do my friends torture me with scary pics like this?
This is more like it.


Tim Blair reports on the PC hijinx up at Syracuse University. A burglar camouflages his face so's to better burgle and is seen and reported as wearing 'blackface'. Now the guy's having to swear on a stack of Bibles that he's just an innocent burglar.

Heartbroken and in seclusion over Wesley Clark's withdrawl from the Presidential race, Ted Danson refused comment.


This is like the feminist version of the Janet Jackson Superbowl stunt. Desperate for attention, Naomi Wolf wants the whole world to know that 20 years ago Professor Harold Bloom supposedly made a pass at her. She even went over to Yale in December to try to press charges. They told her the statute of limitations is two years, not twenty.
Camille Paglia knows dumb when she sees it and she's got this woman pegged:

"How many books, how many articles, Naomi, are you going to impose on us so we have to be dragged back to your teenage heartbreak years?"

She added:"This is regressive. It's childish. Move on! Get on to menopause next!"


If Edwards sticks with stuff like this, he might get somewhere.

At an appearance at Columbia University in New York, one of 10 states holding "Super Tuesday" contests on March 2, Edwards vowed to "cut off the low road" for companies that move jobs overseas.

"This is about more than fair trade, this is a moral issue," said Edwards, a North Carolina senator who finished a surprisingly strong second to Kerry in Wisconsin with a focus on creating jobs and criticizing U.S. trade policy.


Aristide ready to die for Haiti

Anything but give up power. Guys like this either flee at the last moment, leaving their country in flames, or get beheaded by a mob, leaving their country in chaos.


I think that if Kerry is going to get credit for Vietnam, then he also needs to be held accountable for what he did when he came home.


Thanks for all the good times.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Let me explain this again.

Cool: Duane Allman

Not cool: John Kerry


According to a June 22, 1995 article in the Tampa Tribune entitled "Evil follows fools on the bench", Judge Rapkin did not sentence Richard Lee Walker to four weekends in jail instead of going to prison for 15 years. He sentenced him to work four weekends on the road gang, but he was not required to sleep at the jail. That would have been too harsh, so let's get real.

By the way, in the article they said Judge Rapkin's name was one to remember come election time. Guess people forgot to remember.


Congrats to Firas of Iraq and Iraqis on his new promotion. He's an intelligent, hard-working man, and Iraq should have a million more just like him.


I love it when guys fixing to get executed say stuff like this:

"From God's dust I came and to dust I will return, so the Earth shall become my throne. I gotta go, Road Dog."

The guy was big on inhalants, so that might have something to do with it.


Wednesday's Duane Allman pic. Wail on, Skydog!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


They're having a nice funeral for the crewmen of the Hunley.

As many as 50,000 people are expected to come to Charleston in April for what organizers are calling the last Confederate funeral - the burial of the crew of the submarine H.L. Hunley.

The Hunley was the first submarine in history to sink an enemy warship and Tuesday was the 140th anniversary of the Hunley mission.

The vessel with its crew of eight sank on Feb. 17, 1864, after sinking the Union blockade ship Housatonic off Charleston. The sub was raised in 2000 and brought to a conservation lab at the old Charleston Naval Base.

About 2,000 people, many of them Confederate re-enactors, have signed up to make the almost 5-mile funeral march on April 17 from Charleston's Battery to Magnolia Cemetery.

There the crew will be buried next to the remains of two other crews who died in earlier sinkings.


Boy, these Toughman competitions are getting banned all over the place. Too many people are getting killed in the ring.

My oldest nephew won one, but he said he'd never do it again.

For those of you unfamiliar with the competition, participants are ineligible for Toughman if they have won five amateur bouts in the past five years. They pay a $50 entry fee, sign a waiver releasing promoters from liability and have their heart rate, blood pressure and breath tests checked by a doctor. They can't have been drinking. Then they beat the crap out of each other. Winners of the two-day competition receive embroidered trophy jackets proclaiming them "Toughman Champion".

From an article in the Fort Myers News Press:

The mental health expert speaks:

This prize doesn't seem like an awful lot to risk getting your brain
bludgeoned, said Ann Duffala, a Fort Myers psychologist and licensed mental
health counselor.

"I don't know why you'd put yourself in that position," she said. "It doesn't
seem like this is too smart."

Duffala said there could be a variety of factors influencing why someone would
want to participate in a Toughman competition.

"They could be impulsive people. They could be angry people or have a somewhat
inflated ego," Duffala said. "It could be just a chance to be in the spotlight."

My nephew speaks:

"Jumpin'" Jesse C., a 27-year-old welder from North Fort Myers, couldn't
explain why he entered the Toughman.

"I just do crazy stuff all the time," he said.

No stranger to getting into the occasional bar fight, C. said he isn't
concerned about winning or losing. "Every fight you're in, you lose some because
you're hurting for days after."

C. doesn't have different strategies for different fighters.

"I just go for the head," he said.


La la la la. We can't hear you, Aristide.


Arnold needs to do something about this anarchy. I'm surprised he didn't act the first day. A mayor is collecting a salary to issue false documents?


Something Hillary this way comes.


One morning back in February of '84 when me and Mr. Cracker were heading from Miami back over to Fort Myers, we came across something unusual: a line of about a hundred people walking shoulder to shoulder from the highway, heading out to the 'Glades. They were looking for Rosario Gonzales. Soon after, the news was all about Christopher Wilder.

Monday, February 16, 2004


Fulfilling the pact we made long ago with Henry Flagler, we have now begun the nightly feeding of his trains.


The Ledger has an in-depth look at Judge Rapkin.
In the case of the first dead girl, he admits it was a mistake to sentence sex-offender Richard Lee Walker to four weekends in jail when the prosecutor asked for fifteen years in prison. When Walker's girlfriend's daughter turned up in a shallow grave a few weeks later, the criticism the Judge received put him off his feed.
Although he won't say if he'll run for re-election next year, he does say his life is over. He's sad about Carlie, but still thinks he did nothing wrong.

Reader Jerry Nodeen gets a write-up in the story too. Thanks for taking the time to go down to the courthouse and picket, Jerry.


WND has new info on Miss Mekong Delta herself, Alex Polier.

Sunday, February 15, 2004


Ace of Spades has John Kerry's top ten euphemisms for adulterous sex. Your ears should perk up the next time Kerry talks about taking his swift boat up the Mekong Delta.
[scroll down a bit].


When asked what his wife got him for Valentine's, John Kerry said "I don't think you want to know."
Here's my guess.


Happy Birthday, Susan B. Anthony
Bet you didn't know she was a big right-to-lifer.


This story will get a lot of press. Cheeky campus Republicans.

New scholarship created for whites only

A student group at Roger Williams University is offering a new scholarship for which only white students are eligible, a move they say is designed to protest affirmative action.


More overlooked nastiness from Joseph P. Smith

The man accused of kidnapping and killing an 11-year-old girl tried to lure a woman outside a grocery store in 1997 while he carried a knife and pepper spray, according to a police report.

Joseph P. Smith had a knife tucked in his shorts and pepper spray in his car when he approached a 32-year-old woman outside a Kash N' Karry and lied about having car trouble, the July 1, 1997, Sarasota police report said.

Even though she tried to be cautious, I can't understand why she tried to help him at all. I would have been thinking "Why isn't he asking another guy?" She was lucky somebody thought he was suspicious and took the time to call the police.

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