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Saturday, January 24, 2004


"We've been digging... and we found Michelle"

Nutty con and kwazy kops.


While we're at it, some Vietnam vets *really* don't like John McCain either. "The Manchurian Candidate"- those POW/MIA families don't fool around.

I'm not any kind of expert on the subject. I read "Garwood" way back when, and I'll just leave it to the people involved to sort things out amongst themselves.

My vehicle could have gotten stuck in the sand like Melissa Rathbun Nealy's. I hope I would have behaved honorably like they trained us, but I don't know because I wasn't tested. So, for me, what's between the Vietnam vets and families regarding the POWs and breaking faith is between them.

BTW, here's an interesting Garwood site: "The Strange Case of PFC Robert Garwood". Here's another one.


Chronwatch has a new article on John F. Kerry that helps fill in his background:

Recently, Senator Kerry gave a speech at a Vietnam War Memorial, and many of the veterans turned their backs to him and walked away. They saw him as the man who called them war criminals in his testimony before Congress. The man who received the Silver Star for killing a wounded, retreating enemy soldier, had accused them of hideous war crimes.

The issue of his chairing the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs keeps coming up. There's an article on the subject over at the All POW/MIA site.

Friday, January 23, 2004


Country Store has the scoop on Wesley Clark and his precious bodily fluids.


Cool: Howard Duane Allman

Not Cool: Howard Brush Dean


My hometown news

The 90-year-old, one-eyed, nearly toothless crocodile named "Grandpa" is back home now. Thieves had removed the metal pin holding his pen closed and he wandered off, as old folks will.


Paul at the Daily Diatribe has pics of Steve Irwin's other unfortunate children: Fred, Kevin, and Bevan. Also there, a nifty Steve doll that says twelve different phrases, only ten of which are "Crikey!".


Saint Andre the Punisher

Thursday, January 22, 2004


According to Harry Potter film director Alfonso Cuaron, Gitmo is Azkaban and the American soldiers guarding the terrorists are Dementors.

"It's a myth for our times," Cuaron tells Entertainment Weekly magazine in its Jan. 23 issue. "You read about Fudge and the Ministry of Magic - that's Tony Blair! And Guantanamo is not that different from Azkaban. There are Dementors there, too."

Further ruminations on Blair:

Cornelius Fudge reminds Cuaron of Tony Blair. "He’s the ultimate politician. He’s in denial about many things. And everything is for the sake of his own persona, his own power. The way the Iraq thing was handled was not unlike the way Fudge handled affairs in book four."

No word on what J.K. Rowling thinks of the director politicizing a children's film.


From The American Spectator, (scroll down) more on Dean's visit to Jimmy the Knife:

"Governor Dean shows up and everything we thought was planned was now off," says a Dean adviser in New Hampshire. "No endorsement, nothing. It was like we got shivved in the back."

And Bill helped.


He didn't even throw his own medals

From Front Page magazine's article on John Kerry:

Throw as I say, not as I do: On that same day he led members of VVAW in a protest during which they threw their medals and ribbons over a fence in front of the U.S. Capitol.
Kerry later admitted the medals he threw were not his. To this day they hang on the wall of his office.

He also drove an SUV to an energy conservation rally, which is the final proof of his dastardliness.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004



(Yes, Ricky, you passed with flying colors.)

Mr. Cracker fixed me up in nothing flat. Guess now he won't be blogging.
Yay for Mr. Cracker's good help and yay for working permalinks.


Mr. Cracker has started blogging. His permalinks don't work either. ;)


"Abu Haider will find the solution."

God bless Paul Bremer for being such a good, steady guy. And for being an expert on crisis management.

I sure couldn't do his job.


I'm reminded that today's Wednesday. That means it's time for a Duane Allman pic. Wail on, Skydog!


Somebody's kicking butt down in Australia. Who could it be?

Andre Agassi of the U.S. blows kisses to the crowd after his second round win over Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic at the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2004. Agassi won in straight sets 6-0, 6-2, 6-4.


Give this guy a raise

A Saudi man who was prevented from entering the United States a few weeks before the Sept. 11 terror attacks may have been the plot's intended 20th hijacker, federal officials say.

The man, identified only as al-Qahtani, was turned away by a U.S. immigration agent at Orlando International Airport in late August 2001, according to two senior law enforcement officials who spoke on condition of anonymity Tuesday. ...

After his apprehension, U.S. agents put al-Qahtani on a plane back to Saudi Arabia, the officials said. He later wound up in Afghanistan, where he was captured by U.S. forces and is now being held along with other captives at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The agent who stopped al-Qahtani, Jose Melendez-Perez, is to testify about the matter at a hearing next week before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States, better known as the 9/11 commission.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Unfortunate blog-related post:

I realized the other day that my permalinks aren't functioning properly. I'm having to figure the fix out by myself as Mr. Cracker, who sets up the Internet for entire third world countries for a living, says Blogger is just too tough.
Then he went back to monitoring his servers and writing his code.

Monday, January 19, 2004


Isn't this a pretty picture?


Meet this double murderer. I thought he had no morals, but murder never crossed my mind. He was the reason that this organization came into being. Twenty years after that killing, he did it again.
He couldn't figure out why an educated person wouldn't choose to have the sophisticated view of the world that he had. That's because the wages of sin is death, bud, and always will be.

Use your time on death row wisely, Bill.


A murderer almost made a clean getaway, but the law got there in the nick of time.

Sunday, January 18, 2004


Sun Jan 18 2004 19:43:22 ET

Even though he hosted Dem hopeful Howard Dean in Plains, Georgia on Sunday, former President Jimmy Carter annoyed Dean's senior advisers when he claimed that Dean was not invited!

"He called me on the phone and said he'd like to worship with me," Carter explained. "I did not invite him, but I'm glad he came."

Carter said he has also visited with retired Gen. Wesley Clark, and hopes he will again.

The embarrassing Dean moment came after Dean was pressed in recent interviews on why he would leave Iowa at a crunch time.

Dean said he could not turn down an invitation to appear with a former president he admires, the WASHINGTON POST reports on Monday. But when a visitor to the Marantha [sic] church thanked Carter for inviting Dean, Carter quickly interjected, "I did not invite him!"

Tee! Dean is such a smooth operator.

BTW, it's "Maranatha", for crying out loud. It means "Our Lord cometh". Over and over with this mistake.


Palm Beach judge criticized for reporting illegal aliens

"They're violating the law, and I'm a judge,'' said Colton, whose background included nine years as a special agent with the FBI. "Don't I have some type of obligation to the system to report it... when it's smack-dab right out in front of me?''


It's Andre time!

Andre Agassi of the U.S. jokes with an opponent during a demonstration game at Melbourne Park on the eve of the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, Sunday, Jan 18, 2004. Agassi, the defending champion, will play Australia's Todd Larkham on center court on Monday night.


Judith Dean drags her butt to Iowa for one day.

The sacrifices she has to make! Her whole Sunday ruined!


Dean trots down to Plains

Former President Carter praised Democrat Howard Dean on Sunday for his "courageous and outspoken" stands -- in particular his steadfast opposition to the Iraq war -- but the 39th president stopped short of an endorsement on the eve of the Iowa caucuses.

Dean's steadfast opposition, courtesy of Kucinich:

Sept. 23, 2002, DEAN -- Might Endorse Pre-Emptive Strike
Dean gives a waffling endorsement of President Bush's pre-emptive war:
"Pre-emption is not off the table, but the moral high ground does matter," he says, as quoted in the Iowa City Press-Citizen. The paper reports that Dean "also said he would endorse a pre-emptive strike against Iraq if it can be proven that Saddam Hussein has access to weapons of mass destruction and the means to discharge them."

Sept. 29, 2002, DEAN -- "If You Don't Do This...We Will Go Into Iraq"
On CBS "Face the Nation": After saying that the administration "had not yet made" its case that Saddam was an immediate threat, and that if we attack Iraq, "it's got to be gone about in a very different way," Dean also states: "It's very simple. Here's what we ought to have done. We should have gone to the UN Security Council. We should have asked for a resolution to allow the inspectors back in with no pre-conditions. And then we should have given them a deadline, saying, 'If you don't do this, say, within 60 days, we will reserve our right as Americans to defend ourselves and we will go into Iraq.'"

February 19, 2003 DEAN -- Unilateral Action Is...Unavoidable Choice
Salon's Jake Tapper summarizes Dean's oft-repeated position on attacking Iraq: "Saddam must be disarmed, but with a multilateral force under the auspices of the United Nations. If the U.N. in the end chooses not to enforce its own resolutions, then the U.S. should give Saddam 30 to 60 days to disarm, and if he doesn't, unilateral action is a regrettable, but unavoidable, choice."

August 12, 2003, DEAN -- "We Cannot Leave Iraq"
"I think it was a mistake to go into Iraq in the long run. Now that we're there, we're stuck there, and the administration has no plan for how to deal with it, and we cannot leave because losing the peace is not an option. We cannot leave Iraq" (Buchanan & Press, MSNBC)

The two men joined worshippers at the 131-member Marantha [sic] Baptist Church in Carter's home town of Plains, Ga., where Carter teaches Sunday school most weeks, and afterward the former president introduced Dean as "my friend, our visitor and a fellow Christian."

Hmmm. Not enough of a friend to endorse him?

Carter's lesson was on integrity and he taught from the book of Job, which Dean recently said was his favorite book of the Bible.

That's not exactly what he said. ;)

Dean missed 24 hours of campaigning in Iowa to make this little trip. Very poor timing and what did he gain?


Meanwhile back at the ranch in Ar Ramadi, Jason and the boys have been busy digging up weapon caches.


From Mohammed and Ali of Iraq the Model:

I wish you can come and see Baghdad’s streets after today’s crime. No one ran away to his home, life didn’t stop, students didn’t quit their exams, banks and shops are still open and police patrols still moving in the streets.
The streets were crowded, and people were shouting loudly this time “LET THE MUJAHIDEEN GO TO HELL”.

Hammorabi is thoroughly pissed and wants a necktie party for the culprits and their backers.

Great way to strengthen the resolve of the Iraqi people, moron terrorists.

U.S. soldiers help a crying Iraqi man away from the scene of a car bomb which exploded outside the main gate to headquarters of U.S.-led coalition.


Jack the Ripper mystery solved!

According to Indian writer, Arundhati Roy, it's Dubya.
Who knew? I thought he was supposed to be Hitler, while all along he was the Ripper!


Alaa, of the Mesopotamian has some advice for us:

These are critical times and I think much will happen the next few weeks. But take courage brave America, the courage that comes from conviction that you are in the right; that your cause is noble and just. Despite all the fog and deliberate confusing of the issues, you must know that the Majority of the people still believe in you at heart. You have taken on formidable tasks. You must rise up to the challenge, and you can and we are with you. Never mind the noise; the barking of enraged canids deprived of their spoils; the scheming of old “Belles” of yesterday who cannot understand that their days are gone; the brutality of misled peasants who know not what they are doing; never mind all that and more, as long as you are on the right path.

And he ends with this:

And finally, a special salute to Dear President Bush, the man who dared.


300 Egyptian soldiers raided a Coptic Christian center for mentally handicapped children. It's the third time the Patmos center has been raided.
They keep trying to learn them, but those Copts are so darn hard-headed. They just won't go away.

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